Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rachel Hayes - All Aflutter

Rosslyn BID launches new temporary public art program

Rachel created 5 separate installations on 5 bridges, lasting for up to a year, near Washington D.C.

All Aflutter

The fiber art installation All Aflutter, created by nationally renowned artist Rachel Hayes will adorn Rosslyn’s skywalks on North Moore St., Nash St. and North Fort Myer Drive with brightly colored, flowing fabric.
Hayes’ large-scale works have graced skywalks along Kansas City, Missouri’s, Avenue of the Arts, New York City construction sites and galleries throughout the United States. She is influenced by a variety of interests that include minimalist sculpture, abstract painting, fashion, flags and quilts.
To plan All Aflutter, Hayes photographed Rosslyn’s architectural elements, to determine fabric placement and the flow of the bridges. “I spent time thinking about how each piece would look up close and far away, how they will relate to each other,” she says, “and how somebody will move their body across the skywalk and ‘see’ what is ahead of them. Pedestrians will have the ability to reach out and touch the materials, and make their own associations with the materials and color.”
“I see stripe patterns and grids all over Rosslyn. I want to respond to these parallel and perpendicular lines by attaching sheer materials that are allowed to billow in the wind,” Hayes adds. “It is not my intention to compete with the landscape of Rosslyn. Rather, I can echo the lines and forms while drawing attention to the unique beauty of a medium sized all-American city.”
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