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Rachel @ Active Space - Bushwick, Brooklyn

Rachel Hayes - detail of Burlap Falls

Active Space - Bushwick, Brooklyn


Group Exhibition

May 3rd – 24th 2013
Opening reception Friday, May 3rd, 2013 6pm-10pm
“RESURRECTION” – a revival from inactivity and disuse; “it produced a resurrection of hope” resurgence, revitalization, revival, revivification – bringing again into activity and prominence; “the revival of trade”; “a revival of a neglected play by Moliere”; “the Gothic revival in architecture”

Katie Bell is both a home-maker and a home-wrecker. She is in constant management of what comprises the home while at the same time disassembling its contents. Using the language of abstraction through an excavational lens has allowed her process to become more articulate in the obscurities of buried spaces. In terms of abstract painting, remodeling, for Katie, is an unsettling struggle between hiding and revealing.

Suzanne Goldenberg works in a variety of media including drawing, collage, textiles, video and sculpture. Through an improvisational process, she transforms found and scavenged materials, often what might be considered detritus and of no apparent value, into unexpected sculptural compositions that bear traces of the emotional, the architectural and the comic, but are ultimately non-literal. In these sculptures, the materials retain their histories as the waste by-product of our consumer society, but through a sensitivity to their other possible lives, Goldenberg transforms them into rich materials forming precarious structures poised between growth and collapse.

Rachel Hayes is interested in creating work that functions on multiple levels within a given space—as a fascinating object, as a minimalist sculpture, as an architectural space divider/interrupter, as an abstract painting, or even as a massive stained glass patchwork quilt. Hand-sewn and often large-scale, her work is in equal measure – both powerful and fragile. Scale and color consume a space yet there is balance with the delicately sewn stitches and understated shadows, therefore maintaining a strong physical and material presence while remaining sensuous and experiential.

JR Larson was raised in the Cajun South and has a personal connection to ritual festivities including Mardi Gras and the mysticism surrounding voodoo. Embracing a multitude of cultures, Larson focuses on the creation of spirited objects; his artworks are heavy with the weight of transformative powers: woven, torn, worn-through, pierced and burned. His work is both personal and otherworldly, straddling multiple vantage points simultaneously, synthesizing a full gamut of artifacts, from larger than life totems to colorful paintings and taut snares.

Bridget Mullen accumulates found objects, other artists’ discarded materials, and her own completed paintings, sculptures, and drawings—using these materials she creates new work. She investigates repetition as a device for understanding information, shortcomings of memory through drawing from memory, visual harmony and discordance using both chance and choice in her process, and physical and metaphysical impacts of impermanence using unstable materials and re-purposing completed work.

Matt Miller’s work involves painting on the polystyrene then treating the painting with chemicals. Whether it be painting with a brush, dripping, or splattering, the application of the paint becomes almost secondary to the result of the process. The action of painting is very important to him and is the record of his improvised movements and decisions. By chemically reducing the ground of the original painting he creates tactile surfaces and literal depth around and within the mark allowing the viewer a point of entry to the work.

Ross Tibbles’s work exists within the parameters of assemblage and are born from the continual movement, realignment and exchange of the visual conundrums that occur daily within his studio environment. His work appears to be casual or accidental and to have a lightness of touch and opens up the work and in some ways allows the viewer to form its completion.

May 3rd – 24th 2013
Opening May 3rd, 6-10 pm
566 Johnson ave (entrance on Stewart)
Bushwick, BK
Open Friday-Sunday 1-6PM or by appointment

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