Monday, September 14, 2009

Isolated Incidents & Ice Cold Daydream

Eric and I are excited to be showing together in Kansas City, MO. We met in this city, and had our first studios in an amazing loft in the West Bottoms neighborhood. Recently, the awesome Dolphin Gallery relocated to this neighborhood.

September 4 - November 7, 2009
1600 Liberty St. Kansas City, MO

Eric Sall
Isolated Incidents
Eric Sall new paintings at Dolphin Gallery were created within the past year during a studio residency at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Space Program in Brooklyn.
In addition to the seven large scale canvases on display the exhibition includes an entire wall installation of small drawings, paintings, photographs and collages mocked up as they were in Sall’s studio in
New York.

Rachel Hayes
Ice Cold Day Dreams
Rachel Hayes installation Ice Cold Day Dream envelopes the front Gallery at Dolphin. A single 30' X 30’ drape of sewn fabric and vinyl hangs weightlessly acting as catch-all for the dense and weighted form that seems to rest in its embrace. Created is an experimental landscape with color, line and light, layered to create a depth of new and ambiguous images.

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