Sunday, February 8, 2009

Patient Persistence: studio preview

February 28-March 29, 2009:
Rachel Hayes: Patient Persistence

Louisiana State University
Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery
Shaw Center for the Arts
100 Lafayette Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Phone 225.389.7180

We rush around our environment every day, driving to work, running errands, and trying to manage our lives. The concrete buildings and wire fences of our cityscape barely register; we are so used to the sights of the city. What if something wonderful is waiting out there amidst the construction and dust? What if someone can find something new in our forgotten and discarded remnants? This is what sculptor and fiber artist Rachel Hayes does. She uses innocuous and readily available media such as fabric to create spectacular experiences of color and motion in an otherwise unappreciated setting. She has successfully turned narrow hallways, city walk ways and grassy hills into vital and vibrant art installations which cause the viewer to step back and reassess their familiarity with the environment. The Louisiana State University School of Art has invited Ms. Hayes to come to Baton Rouge and create a unique, new, installation in our downtown exhibition space. We want to give the community an opportunity to discover something fresh about our city as seen through the eyes of this accomplished artist.
Rachel Hayes is an artist who has been steadily garnering accolades and awards and gaining recognition in the contemporary art world for her fresh, innovative works. For this art exhibition, Rachel Hayes will work with LSU Sculpture students to create a site specific installation in the Glassell Gallery. Ms. Hayes will be a visiting artist at LSU for two weeks in February, during which time the artist will meet with students and delegate installation tasks, work in studios with the students, install the exhibition and meet with the public during a gallery talk and opening reception on March 7th from 5-8PM in the Glassell Gallery. This interactive approach will be a rare opportunity for the students to experience the process from beginning to end of a large scale installation project. It will be an invaluable experience for the whole community.

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